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GRANDMA’S FINGERPRINT is the poignant, gripping story of one woman’s faith, courage, strength, and love in the midst of heartbreaking circumstances. By word and example, along with sacrificial love, she changed the life of the author, her granddaughter, and influenced future generations for good.
Readers will get to know Grandma and one little girl who could have gone adrift in a tragic family situation. Instead, she became a faith-filled and secure woman, an influential leader, and a loving wife, mother, and grandma – because of her grandma’s love. This inspiring book offers encouragement and hope and is a timeless example of the vital role grandparents can play.

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Grandma’s Fingerprint

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We all mentor everyday – whether we realize it or not. We leave a mark and make a difference in the lives of the people in our lives. The question is, “What kind of mark are we leaving? What kind of difference are we making?”
Filled with real-life stories, guiding principles, and practical tools, this book inspires, empowers, and equips the formal or informal mentor.
If you want to know what mentoring can do in and through your life and what it means to affect the lives of others for eternity, this book will help you get there. If you want to intentionally come alongside others and make a difference, A Mentor’s Fingerprint is for you.

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A Mentor’s Fingerprint

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REIGNITE YOUR LEADERSHIP HEART will inspire you to unleash your full potetial and leave a timeless fingerprint that inspires others.
Ann is a passionate mentor to women who are called to positions of leadership, But when she experienced deep loss and God’s calling took a backseat to her ambitions, she found herself in a dark place that only God’s amazing grace helped her to navigate. Through biblical examples and her own story of struggle and restoration, Ann encourages women who may be lost in their own wilderness and in need of hope and grace.

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Reignite Your Leadership Heart

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