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Ann is a creative thinker with strong leadership insight and a great deal of heart. Her energetic passion, yet calm demeanor, houses focused energy and a commitment that motivates others to look deep into their own lives, draw out their God-given gifts and abilities, and recognize the profound influence they have on others.

She has experienced success, lived the difficult sides of business and ministry, and walked the tough roads of life. Yet, Ann has managed these challenges with integrity and courage, while keeping people a priority, mentoring individuals, and building teams that thrive.

Ann has a passion to impact future generations, is a sought-after speaker and award-winning author.. In her “spare” time, she plays the drums with various music groups and enjoys a wide range of interests. She is currently Ministry Director at her church, serves on community boards, and is a Certified Professional Coach who has enjoyed coaching a range of business and ministry leaders. She is married with two grown children, four adult grandchildren, and in-loves who have been added along the way.


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